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Effective, admired and inspiring leaders are people that others willingly follow. They are credible, they are passionate, and they know themselves. These are the essential qualities of a successful leader. Credibility comes when you listen and learn. Only then can you lead with passion, driving a hopeful vision for the future, knowing that you are the right person for the role, even when it's a stretch.
Ego is the confidence in your personal capability, and it comes from knowledge, skill and ability, as well as from success and failure. It is not from hubris.

Knowing yourself - having ego- is positive. It inspires confidence in others to make the trip with you. It is the conscious, thoughtful control of your own behavior and actions, in a manner consistent with articulated values.

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Are you an effective, admired and inspiring leader? 

Listen Learn Lead is about helping aspiring leaders and senior leaders develop and enhance the skills and behaviors they need to be effective, admired and inspiring leaders.

Learn what it takes.

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Listen Learn Lead, LLC

Inspiring leaders are public learners. They know that "leadership is a dialogue, not a monologue." [Kouzes and Posner - The Leadership Challenge]

A small, woman owned business, dedicated to leadership development and executive coaching, Listen Learn Lead is about bringing practical insights, approaches and tools to help executives develop, improve and  hone the skills they need to be effective in leadership roles. Our world is complex and constantly changing. Leading others to achieve mission success under stressful conditions, with multiple stakeholders, is challenging. Having an independent assessment of your leadership effectiveness is helpful. Working with an experienced partner to help improve your leadership skills and behaviors is even better. And achieving long term, sustainable shifts in style and approach that drive better outcomes for your clients, for you and your team, and for your organization - that's what Listen Learn Lead is all about.

Credible leaders inspire loyalty and commitment.

Credibility is about being honest, competent and forward looking. Credible leaders make a positive difference for their organizations including their associates and shareholders, for their clients and their clients' clients, and for their community.

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Passion is compelling and contagious.

Passion is personal. It may be common. It results from values and commitment and experience, and drives the leader's articulated vision that others can believe in too. The vision for the future that results from the leader's passion is fueled by experience and expertise and it is achievable.

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One of my favorite photographers - a nine year old boy - took this photo. I like it because he took it while I was listening to his brother tell me a story. Listening is a vital leadership skill. It needs to be developed and honed. It's not just hearing.

Lisa Mascolo

Founder & CEO

Listen Learn Lead, LLC