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Passion is compelling.

You really can't fake passion - at least not over the long term. People know when you're truly passionate about your work. And if you're not passionate about achieving the plan, why should they be? Leaders can't do the work of the team, no matter how good and smart they are. There just aren't enough hours in the day and you don't have the knowledge, skills and abilities that they do anyway.  Your team has to want you to be successful. Whether they would articulate it like that or not, the fact is, you need them and they need your passion.

Why passion? It leads to persistence, it drives performance. When you're passionate about your work, you work smarter and you're willing to work harder to drive outcomes, especially when times are tough.  A passionate commitment to the mission helps you articulate a vision that is compelling to others. Passion is good for you and it's good for business.

Learning to articulate your passion-fueled vision for the mission and organizational outcomes, and for your associates, in an authentic way is critical.

It's what Listen Learn Lead is about.