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Your core values transcend organizational values and they transcend role. They are the characteristics that define you, that you want to continuously live up to. They change and mature over time as you listen to and learn from your own experiences and from others. Core values act as your compass and should guide your actions regardless of situation. A conduct model is the active  recognition that your beliefs and values, while they may drive your intentions, are invisible without corresponding actions and behaviors.  A personal credo is a statement of the idea or beliefs that guide what you do and why you operate the way you do. It's a personal and sometimes public declaration. If core values are the compass, your credo should be the north star that they aim you towards. When you articulate a personal value proposition, you bring clarity to how you personally add value to your associates, your organization and your customers. It's at the heart of your career strategy, and it shouldn't just be something you come


Leader's Toolkit

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up with when you're thinking about moving on. Effective admired leaders understand situational context and enable the right decision to be made regardless of the fluid nature of a typically challenging business environment. Knowing in which situations you need to collaborate, cultivate and coordinate, and in which you have to exercise command and control, is the hallmark of a leader who understands the need for and actively uses a decision making framework.

Helping you develop and use a leadership tool kit is the work of Listen Learn Lead.

Leadership is  part art and part science, and it needs be intentionally and thoughtfully practiced.  You have to know it, feel it and intuit it.

At the core of every effective, admired leader is a common set of essential qualities - credibility, passion, ego. In addition, every effective, admired leader must have and publicly live by a set of core values that guide intentional and thoughtful behavior, regardless of role. Good leaders operate in accordance with a personal conduct model, they have a  credo and a value proposition, and they utilize a decision making framework. These are the primary tools in the effective admired leader's kit.